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Armature G. Roy is a company located in Princeville and specialized in producing high quality refurbished alternators and starters. We pride ourselves in our constant effort to search for better quality standards allowing our products to have a longer service life. Moreover, every part goes through thorough quality control before being sold.

Over the years, Armature G. Roy’s acquired expertise in refurbishing not only alternators and starters for american models, but also for imported vehicles.

Our company sells, at advantegeous cost, refurbished alternators and starters along with new batteries to autopart retailers and warehouses. These parts can be used on various types of vehicles such as cars, heavy trucks and all terrain vehicles. Since service is a priority for Armature G. Roy, we offer next day delivery to our retailers and technical support to the installers.

How we differentiate ourselves from our competitors Armature G. Roy inc.

< How we differentiate ourselves from our competitors

Armature G. Roy Inc. does not only represent another brand for replacement parts. Our products are refurbished in such a manner that they meet or are even above the automobile industry OEM specifications. Quality control is done by experimented techniciens who are always looking in new ways to raise current standards.

Our market coverage is among one of the best in the industry. We offer a wide range of alternators and starters for vintage cars and recent models.

When choosing Armature G. Roy, you can count on a team of experts since some of our employees have over 25 years of experience within our company. The amount of knowledge acquired over the years allows them to offer you exceptional technical support.

Our entire team shows a commitment to a job well done. This is one of the reasons why Armature G. Roy Inc. can offer you great products at advantageous cost along with unrivalled customer service.

For more than 30 years Armature G. Roy Inc. is the right choice for people looking for an alternator or starter of the best quality. If you have not yet tried our products, do not delay and you will discover why Armature G. Roy Inc. is the best choice in the industry. Your customers will appreciate it.

Located in Princeville, our company’s field of expertise is in refurbishing alternators and starters for any type of vehicule.

Since 1983

Back in 1983, our company was known as Entreprise Brunelle et Roy; this business has never ceased to grow since then.

A few years later, in 1986, Mr Brunelle sold his shares to M. Gaston Roy and the name of the company became Armature G. Roy.

In 1995, the company is sold to some of the current staff and those employees become shareholders with Mr Laurent Lemay as president.

1996 brings restructuring of the company to address customers needs and to keep pace with changes occurring in the market. These modifications allows the production of higher quality products and improved customer service.

In 2016, Mr Martin Fortier, shareholder since 1993, buys the shares of some of the older shareholders along with Mr Marc Gobeil and Mr Carl Fortier. The new management team now consists of Mr Martin Fortier as president, Mr Marc Gobeil as vice-president and Mr Carl Fortier as secretary.

Armature G. Roy Inc never stopped improving its standards and service and this is why we are able to offer high quality refurbished alternators and starters.

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